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How to apply for refund

If you want your insured pet to receive veterinary treatment in any other vet clinics than our call-centre coordinators propose you, you should act as follows:

  • call twenty four - seven VetUP call-centre (044) 390-01-91 and name the number of your insurance agreement, your service card number and the reason for your call. You should also name the vet clinic you wish to visit. 
  • arrange with your coordinator the time and place for your clinic visit, diagnostics, medicines receipt and all further actions. 
  • receive in your vet clinic, laboratory or drugstore a bill and a signed and sealed document containing the full list of provided services or medicines. 
  • download from the site or order in the call-centre e-mailing you the application form for the insurance refund. Fill the application form.
  • collect the set of documents required for the refund, including filled application form, original copies of documents from vet clinic (drugstore/laboratory) and certified copies of your passport and identification number. 
  • ask the call-centre coordinators about the address of the nearest representative office of the insurance company or about other way to submit your set of documents for the refund. 
  • submit your documents for the refund and wait for the money transfer to your credit card or for the message allowing you to receive your refund in cash.


We protect animals We protect animals We protect animals We protect animals