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Terms and conditions of refund

In most cases you will not participate in the refund procedure. Thus if you would apply for treatment to vet clinics which are our partners you will not have to collect any documents or to care about refund in some other way.

All you need is calling our twenty fou - seven VetUP call centre on (044) 390-01-91and naming the reason for your call. 
It is our coordinators pleasure to offer you the nearest vet clinic or drugstore. First of all we will offer you vet clinics - our partners, which's services you will obtain for free.

In case there was a reason for you to pay for veterinary service, or in any case different from veterinary treatment of the insured pet you should submit a set of documents for the refund. The insurance company will decide on the refund during 10 days after receiving all required documents. In any case this time period will not exceed 15 days from the date of your application for the refund (provided all required documents were submitted).

The insurance company shall provide you a refund during 5 days from their decision on refund. You may receive your refund in cash or on your current bank account.

We protect animals We protect animals We protect animals We protect animals