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insurance dog>
insurance dog
The dogs are known to be a man’s best friend. Moreover, a dog is often a member of family. And it makes no different if you have a purebred or mongrel dog, fatty of skinny, shaggy or bold one. And when something goes wrong with your friend you have to help it timely.
insurance cat>
insurance cat
A cat is known for its independency. This pet is usually chosen by self-determined, creative kind of persons having their own views. Unfortunately, such independent creatures may get ill sometimes. And some care shown in timely and skilled manner may save a precious little life.
insurance pet>
insurance pet
Have you ever counted the total amount of money spent for the medication of your pet during the year? Or the amount of money spent in unpredictable cases (accidents, injuries, operations). This amount would be at least UAH 3000...
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