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Insurance fee - the sum paid by the client for insuring one animal. According to insurance agreement basic fee amounts to UAH 999.00;

Term of insurance - term of insurance agreement validity. The agreement's term is 1 (one) year commencing on the signing date;

Insurance coverage - the means allocated for taking veterinary care of your pet. Insurance coverage according to the agreement makes up UAH 50,000.00 annually;

Chipping-chipping pet with unique 15-digit code in shoulder area;

Reading chip - gathering information contained in a 15-digit code using scanner;

Purpose of reading - identification of pet in order to veterinary service. Chip is also needed for freely to carry your pet with you abroad;

Insured pet card - plastic card containing information on its number, hotline telephone number, which the client should show in the veterinary facilities;

Territory of validity - 4 cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv;

Insurance exemptions - the list of conditions and states not covered by insurance;

Discounts at insurance - discount of 5% to 15% depending on the amount of pets insured as well as on these factors;

Insurance agreement - an agreement signed by and between insuring company and the client. According to this agreement insuring company undertakes to organize veterinary care and cover all related costs.;

Coordinatingdoctor - veterinary doctor rendering services to you at call to the hotline at (044) 390 01 91;

Ways of buying of an insurance - ordering though Internet, partner clubs, veterinary facilities, insurance company offices etc.;

How to become partner -you may join our partnership program of servicing of insured pets and distributing insurances by giving a call at (044) 390 01 91;

Is it possible to change insurance agreement-insurance agreement is not subject to amending?
Is it possible to add a newclinic to the insurance agreement-yes, it is, but only after we contract this clinic as servicing facility;

Call center - is a 24h support service desk. Youcancontactus 24h/7days as long as agreement is in force;

Whethertheagreementisvalid while abroad - according to our quality policy we do not extend insurance to cover abroad countries.

We protect animals We protect animals We protect animals We protect animals