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What is insurance for

Each pet owner shall be curios - what is pet insurance for.

Money economy - only UAH 999.00 per year

Have you ever counted the total amount of money spent for the medication of your pet during the year? Or the amount of money spent in unpredictable cases (accidents, injuries, operations). This amount would be at least UAH 3000.

Costs planning

By paying UAH 999.00 once a year you prevent further expenses on veterinary treatment. The insured value of treatment amounts to UAH 50 000.00 per year which is a fantastic proposition.

Time economy

Veterinaries receiving your call will take care of your veterinary aid, medicines supply and search of qualified veterinary. You cannot deny the fact that the time is the most precious recourse for the successful and busy person.

Preventing your pet being lost

Each insured pet gets microchip implemented for free. Each pet has its individual microchip number. Should your pet get lost you can easily identify it by scanning the microchip code.

Twenty four - seven phone consultancy

Should any ensured case happen to your pet, you may call the twenty four - seven hotline. Our qualified veterinarians will provide you with a free consultation and offer your pet veterinary treatment in the nearest vet clinic.

Free veterinary treatment in vet clinics

You can receive free veterinary treatment including consultancy and outpatient aid*. In case of necessity the insurance company pays for the operative therapy and medicines. 

Choosing VetUP program will fight away all your fears related to your pet's health.

* provided the chosen clinic is our partner

We protect animals We protect animals We protect animals We protect animals